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Customs clearance

In company Fersped we offer comprehensive services of customs representation in all offices inland and on borders (Zavrč, Obrežje).

Customs representation includes direct and indirect representation of clients at regular and simplified customs procedures in import, export or transit.

Customs representationAEO, Authorized Consignor, Authorized Consignee, House Customs Clearance, Single document, BL

Fersped has obtained from Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia permissions for simplified procedures at carrying out of formalities in customs procedures. This enables a faster execution of customs procedures, which has turned out to be a special benefit for clients.

We have obtained the following permissions:

  • Status of an authorized consignor, who has the permission to carry out community transit operations without the obligation to submit the goods and relevant transit documentation to the Administration of departure.
  • Status of an authorized consignee, who has the permission not to submit the goods that are destined to him and are carried out in transit procedure to the Administration of destination
  • Reporting of goods on the basis of house customs, which enables the permission holder to introduce the goods in to the customs procedure in the company’s premises or in other places that are approved by the customs administration (customs clearance in the company).

We obtained the following permissions for house customs clearance:

  • Permission for house customs clearance at import which enables a simpler and faster customs clearance of import goods. With the permission also the anticipated time of clearance was granted by the customs administration and which is at filing of declaration in the customs information system 5 minutes.
  • Permission for house customs clearance at export which enables a simpler and faster customs clearance of goods for export to third countries, with the anticipated clearance time of 15 minutes.

The duration of customs clearance is because of the obtained permissions much shorter and the customs procedures are made faster as at regular customs clearance without permissions.

We are proud as an holder of AEO certificate (authorized economic operator) which enables us and our business partners to benefits at customs controls relating to security, safety and simplifications in accordance with customs regulations. It also reinforces the visibility and reliability of our company in the domestic and international business world.


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