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Port of Koper

Do you distribute goods via Port of Koper and require multiple and extensive storage areas?

In cooperation with Port of Koper we offer you storage in open and closed warehouses inside the economic zone at import, export or transit of goods. The excellent geographic location of the port allows for a great potential to penetrate the European market, especially the area of Middle and Southeast Europe.

Closed Storage Areas, Flat Stores, Containers, Ro-RoGeneral Cargo Terminal, Fruit Terminal, Liquid Cargo

Luka Koper d.d. is a company in majority owned by the state. In year 2009 the transshipment of cargo in the port exceeded 13 million tons. In the area of port a special customs regime is in order determined by the Law on economic zones. In this area companies do not own warehouses, but Fersped can on the basis of many years of cooperation with Port of Koper offer you comprehensive storage services at competitive prices. For this purpose we have established a communication protocol with Port of Koper and specific software for data and message exchange at the support of port and logistic services. We also have established a communication and data exchange system with Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (CURS).

In Port of Koper following storage capacities are available on individual terminals:

  • Container and Ro-Ro Terminal – 170.000 m2
  • Car Terminal – 750.000 m2 of open and 125.000 m2 of closed storage areas
  • General Cargo Terminal - 134.000 m2 of multipurpose closed warehouses, 3.600 m2 of  roofed and 40.000 m2 of open areas
  • Fruit Terminal – 18.600 m2 of warehouses with moisture regulating devices and temperature ranging from 0 to +20°C and 2.000 m2 of refrigerated spaces for deep freezing down to -25°C
  • Wood Terminal – 60.500 m2 of closed and 58.500 m2 of open storage areas
  • Terminal for Cereals and Fodder – 60.000 m2 of silo storages and  55.000 m2 of flat stores
  • Terminal for Minerals – 80.000 t of closed and roofed warehouses , 40.000 t of open storage areas
  • Alumina Terminal –  20.000 t of warehouses
  • European Energy Terminal – 500.000 t of coal, 300.000 t of iron ore
  • Liquid Cargo Terminal – 43 cisterns with total volume of 110.000 m3

If you would like to take advantage of a reliable storage service with low frequency of damage to the goods in combination of additional services, we welcome you to become our partner.

Cereals and Fodder, Energy Terminal, Minerals, WoodAlumina Terminal, Steel Coils and Plates, Car Terminal


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