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Fersped offers a complete logistical service where air traffic is also included. With our offices at Airport Ljubljana, Airport Maribor and with the help of a network of business partners we offer you a comprehensive solution and support of your logistic problem.

The registration as a IATA cargo agent allows us the organization of transports of dangerous goods (DGR), which our employees regularly confirm with training and acquirement of certificates.

Door to Door, Airport to Airport, Airport to Door, Door to AirportLjubljana Airport, RFS, Groupage shipments

Together with business partners we support the following logistical services: door to door, airport to airport, airport to door and door to airport.

We also offer:

  • RFS (Road Feeder Service): takeover or delivery of groupage shipments to European airports over road, which lowers the total air transport tariff
  • groupage shipments – consolidation – a combination of individual air shipments in one consolidated shipment, allowing a reduction in freight rates in our and the client’s favor
  • Rent of a complete aircraft space or part aircraft space (Full Charter or Part Charter): leasing of aircraft for larger quantities of goods or for special cargo, which requires some time and transports to those sites which are not linked by regular air routes
  • Tracking of the movement of the shipment from takeover to delivery: any client can online check the status of the shipment, when he receives the tracking number of the shipment.

Fersped is a subagent of UPS Supply Chain Solutions (UPS SCS).


Company headquarters:
Fersped, d.o.o.
Parmova 37
SI-1000 Ljubljana

+386 1 300 71 00
+386 1 300 71 10
+386 1 436 15 74



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Fersped, d.o.o., Parmova 37, SI-1000 Ljubljana, tel: +386 1 300 71, +386 1 300 71 12, fax: +386 1 436 15 74