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Commitment to quality

Fersped has started to work actively in the field of quality more than a decade ago. After obtaining the first quality certificate in 1997 (ISO 9002), we continued to improve our system with integration of modifications and in December 2000 we have obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000 and furthermore, at the end of 2009, we gained quality certificate ISO 9001:2008. We confirmed our commitment to quality and keep an eye over continuous improvement. A solid quality of our services represents a sound foundation for our future development. We want to enforce our knowledge and experience in the field of logistic services and become one of the best and most recognizable transport and logistic companies in this part of Europe.

We will achieve the set goals:

  • with long-term bonds with our strategic partners
  • with ensuring a high quality of our services
  • with promotion of new methods and procedures in executing logistic services, where we shall lead rather than follow in introducing of new possibilities to our customers and suppliers
  • with adapting to new demands and wishes of our costumers and potential users of our services
  • with stimulation of integration at all levels – central purchase, development, marketing and in the financial field – with strategic and other costumers as well as the development of a offensive sales model on the EU market
  • with effective use of resources
  • with establishment of a culture of integration of all employees in the achievement of objectives (with motivation, communication, rewards and education)
  • with a definition of the business excellence of our company as an ability to exercise the management of changes, entrepreneurial skills of employees and means of pursuing change through knowledge transfer, integration and trust
  • with a systematic development of a change based culture for the innovation of business and process functions of our company (project matrix management).

The above goals are a commitment of all and each of Fersped team meber. They are part of our culture and we stand behind them on a daily basis - on our road to successful long-term business results.


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